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We sell a range of products that include Metaphysical supplies, Spiritual, Inspirational and Healing books for adults and children. Cd's and Dvd's. Rune Stones, Raw Crystals, Tumbled stones and other crystal products. Magical Herbs, Barks, Flowers, Roots, Powders and Resins, Smudge sticks and feathers, Essential Oils, Candles, candle holders Altar cloths, Bells, Besoms Incense and Incense Holders, Jewellery, Wands, Faeries and Fantasy shoulder bags, journals, mugs and pendants, Singing Bowls and Windchimes.

Statues and other items to create a sacred space in your garden and home, such as faery lights, lanterns, windchimes, water features and more coming soon in 2013.

Soul Indulgence makes our own Magical Blends and Incense for ritual use and offerings, anointing oils, Flower and Crystal essences, Charm bags and Charm Bottles, Flower Faery essences,  Faery Incense and Organic Faery Dusts. These are all made in the Faery Hollows, our sacred space we have created in my home, one inside and one outdoors.

We support Australian author's, teachers and Artist's  including - Serene Conneeley, Lucy Cavendish, Apple Blossom, Cheralyn Darcey, Scott Alexander King, Mitchell Coombes,  Stacey Demarco, Gede Parma, Inna Segal, Michael Wheeler, Heidi Jane, Maria Elita, Penny Reilly, Anita Revel, Lola Berry, Marina Costelloe, Melinda Brown, Debbie Malone, Katrina Cavanough, Roxanne T Bodsworth and Billie Dean. If you are an Author, Artist or teacher here in Australia, send us an e-mail, we would be happy to sell your products and advertise your classes, workshops or retreats. I can highly recommend many of the books by these author's and some of the classes I have attended myself.

We are currently working on updating the site. Some products do not have images and there are many more to be listed. The books, children's books, Cd's and Tarot/Oracle cards are all  updated. We are happy to search for a book if we do not have it in store. 

We do offer wholesale for the herbs, flowers, roots and barks and the salts - epsom salts, course salts and fine salts. Please send me an email with your details including your ABN. Minimum order $100.00



New In Store Now

Certified Baltic Amber Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets (pictured below)

Besom Brooms 30cm - Made here in Australia

Gift Certificates/Vouchers- select from the amounts listed or email us for a specific amount.

New book, Cd's and Oracle Cards

Crystals- Spirit Quartz, Natural Crystals. Pictures to come.


Have a look at our Beautiful Hand Made and Blessed Magical Blends - many more available on request. We have been making these for over 10 years and can now offer a better price as we grow and harvest some of the herbs and flowers ourselves. These blends are created here by Soul Indulgence using the finest herbs, barks, flowers , resins, roots sourced from Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland. They are all made using wild crafted ,Certified Organic and home grown plants harvested from my garden and my families (Sister's and Mum's) gardens. My son works in Horticulture and helps harvest and grow some of the lovely ingredients you see here. 100gram bags for $10.00 each plus postage. All made with love and special blessings in the Faery Hollow.


 Full Moon Blend    Imbolc Blend     Ostara Blend     Home Protection Salt  Beltane Protection Blend


Returning Soon Summer 2013:

Bath bombs, including our lovely Mermaid Pearls. Bath salts.

We now offer Psychic/Tarot readings: for more information please see the reading section in store. Once you have purchased your reading please send  an e-mail to michelle@soulindulgence.com.au (with reading in the subject box) We require the following information once reading has been purchased please send with your Name, DOB, E-mail address, phone number and your questions.  Once payment is received, I will contact you at the email address provided within three working days.

Apple Blossom - Apple will be writing for our Newsletter, which will now be 3 monthly. She is a talented Author, Medium, Psychic, Witch and Reflexologist. Her books so far are Spirit In The Mirror, My Bath My Cauldron, Perceptions of Nature. Apple is working on a new book written from a childs point of view on the disability, Aspergers/Autism spectrum. Her blog address is below.






Coming soon:

Vintage Pendants made by Soul Indulgence

Windchimes - Classical Fourteen Tubes Wind Chimes

Garden decorations/Statues for building a Faery Garden

Bath Salts and Bath Bombs all handmade including Mermaid Pearls

All orders over $100 are postage free and registered.

If you'd like to sign up for our monthly newsletter, please send an email to michelle@soulindulgence.com.au with the word newsletter in the subject box. PLEASE NOTE: Our newsletters are on hold till August 2013.

We do layby's over a 6 week period, with 10% deposit up front. Ask us about our Loyalty program, send me an email.

If you would like your name/friend or family member added on our healing and prayer list, please send an email to michelle@soulindulgence.com.au with prayers and healing list in the subject box.

Please note: All e-mail addresses are confidential and not passed on to any third parties.